Speaker / Worship Leader Bios

Michael Farren

Texas native Michael Farren has spent 16 years as the lead vocalist of the worship band Pocket Full Rocks, leading worship at venues nation wide. Pocket full of Rocks released three albums with Word Records (Song to the King, Manifesto, and More Than Noise), garnering three Dove award nominations; Worship Album of the year, for both Song to the King and Manifesto, and New Artist of The Year. 

As a songwriter, Michael's work has been recorded by artist such as Michael W Smith, Natalie Grant, New Life Worship, Jackie Velazquez, Big Daddy Weave, Aaron Shust, Tricia Brock, Aaron Crabb, Brian Free & Assurance, Karen Peck & New River, and Phillips Craig and Dean. He is also the writer of Finding Favour's current single, SHAKE THE WORLD. With worship hits such as "Let It Rain" (Michael W. Smith) and "Let the Worshipers Arise" (Phillips Craig and Dean), Michael's art has found a place in congregations worldwide. With "Every Time I Breathe", co-written with Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave, Michael enjoyed his first #1 single on Christian radio. Michael's accomplishments have also made their way to the big screen with the song "It's About Love," recorded by Wynonna Judd for the VeggieTales movie "Lord Of The Beans." He also appears as an ear of corn singing his song "Rock On Larry Boy" in the Veggie Tales movie "Larry Boy And The Bad Apple." No joke. In addition to his writing and recording credits, Farren has produced projects for Dustin Smith, Jennie Lee Riddle (People & Songs Opus 1), Finding Favour, Shelly E. Johnson, Krissy Nordhoff (writer of YOUR GREAT NAME), John Waller, Hearts of Saints and country artist Rob Harris. During his 16 years with Pocket Full of Rocks, Farren and the band were honored with Dove Award nominations for New Artist of the Year and Worship Album of the Year, and Farren received an ASCAP Christian Music Award for EVERY TIME I BREATHE.

"I love writing across all genres... CCM, country, southern gospel, etc.," says Farren, who serves as worship pastor at Gateway Church in Franklin, TN. "But writing songs for the Church is what I'm most passionate about. Throughout the writing process of every worship song, I'm constantly running every lyric and melody through the filter of, "Would I lead this song on Sunday?'."

Michael and his wife of 19 years, Alisa, live just south of Nashville, TN with their two daughters. Michael works as a writer/producer, while also serving as a worship pastor for Gateway Church in Franklin, TN.

Dustin SMith

Dustin is an Integrity Music Artist, Song Writer and Worship leader, who has a desire to
see the nations ignited with a passion for worship. With an unyielding love for God and
His people, Dustin has been able to cross denominational lines with his music. He has
an attitude that gives God all the glory, and that attitude transcends age, race, color
and creed.

As a husband and father of three, who grew up in a Pastor’s home and has been in
church his whole life. He has seen the joys and challenges of working and growing up
in the church, but his dedication to seek the face of the God has caused him to rise as
a voice to the nations that increases the value of God in other people’s eyes.

Dustin Smith Ministries was created to teach, train and resource the body of Christ.
Through different avenues including churches, youth camps, business meetings,
conferences and concerts, the heart is to see people awakened to their true purpose
and destiny. DSM has had the honor of ministering to groups as small as 15 people
and as large as 15,000. They approach every opportunity with a desire to see peoples
lives changed. This ministry is designed to equip, encourage and empower!

Dustin has also had an international appeal and has impacted nations such as Uganda,
Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and
the United States. He has released independent albums including Healing Waters,
Open the Floodgates, Everything Inside Me and You Are the Fire. Integrity Music has
released Rushing Waters and now 2014’s Coming Alive album which is quickly setting
a standard for Christian worship. In addition, he has done teachings on a variety of
topics such as Worthless Worship, Are You God Conscious? and Function Before Title.

Michael Neale

“Songs and stories. That’s how God’s been using me. That’s who I am.” – Michael Neale

Michael serves as the Lead Worship Pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, where he leads a talented group of vocals and musicians, including their orchestra and 450+ voice choir. Leading the charge, Michael and the Prestonwood team just released their first-ever album with Integrity Music, entitled, “Songs of the People.”

As a Dove Award-Winning songwriter, Michael’s songs have been recorded by artists such as Michael W. Smith, Natalie Grant, Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf), Rebecca St. James, Anthony Evans, Jr., Todd Agnew, and Phillips, Craig and Dean, to name a few. Michael signed on as an artist and songwriter with Integrity Music in September 2014, and his 100+ songs can be heard through churches around the world.

Michael is a veteran worship leader, artist, speaker, and author of three books: the Highly-Acclaimed National Best-Seller, THE RIVER, INTO THE CANYON: a River Novel, and YOUR GREAT NAME.

Michael is also the CEO and Founding Board Member of LEAD | READ | LIVE, an Arts-Empowered Literacy Foundation that is dedicated to raising the tide of student literacy across the country. THE RIVER is the flagship project for LEAD | READ | LIVE.

Michael divides his time among leading worship in churches, songwriting, visiting schools and organizations to promote Arts-Empowered Literacy, and being a featured leader and teacher at conferences around the country. Michael and his wife, Leah, and their three children, Micah, Maisie, and Wyatt, live in Plano, TX.

Henry Seeley

Henry Seeley along with his wife, Alex, are lead pastors of The Belonging Co. in Nashville. Originally from Australia, Henry helped pioneer a worship movement and led as Creative Director at a large church for nearly twenty years. Henry is passionate about bringing the sound of heaven to earth. His desire is to see people have a genuine encounter with God through worship.

Having relocated with his family to Nashville in 2012, Henry and his wife Alex, began to open their home on Tuesday nights. Their heart was for people to worship, encounter God and build genuine community in a city where people's personal and spiritual lives often succumb to the transient nature of 'life on the road'.  By February 2014, their basement was filled to capacity and as a result The Belonging Co. church was born. The vision of the Belonging Co. is for people to experience Jesus in an authentic way that affects every area of their life. Encounter over entertainment, intimacy over industry and presence over presentation continues to be the mandate for the church.

Henry and Alex call Nashville home where they live with their two children, Holly and Taylor. 

For more details visit www.thebelonging.co

Jon Egan

Jon has become a staple songwriter and worship leader at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.  He is best known for the songs “I Am Free,” “Overcome,” “Strong God,” “Make A Way,” and “On The Throne.” He has collaborated with top Christian writers, producers and artists including Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury, Mia Fieldes, Jeremy Camp, Kari Jobe and Paul Baloche.  As a co-founder and leader of Desperation Band, Jon has led worship throughout America and in over 10 countries around the world.  “Worship is the greatest weapon we have over our fear, shame and sickness,” says Jon. “When we take a moment to declare the greater reality of Jesus, earthly realities grow strangely dim.” Follow Jon on Twitter @joncegan.

Michael King

Michael King is a man of many hats, but no matter what direction he’s diving towards on any particular day, his unwavering commitment to ministry is immediately apparent. For starters, there’s his role as executive pastor at Christ’s Place in Lincoln, Nebraska, also the location of a continuously developing series of communal recording projects. In addition to his time leading the troupe, King is a solo singer-songwriter who branches out on occasion between workshops, conferences and concerts, but make no mistake, it’s never at the expense of short changing his home church calling.

Starting first and foremost at Christ’s Place and branching out to all those he comes in contact with, the visionary seeks to use every creative avenue in his arsenal to mentor other worship leaders and praise team members, not simply singing a service, but helping equip the body of Christ with the initiatives needed to foster the church’s future. “One of the big things on my heart is legacy,” asserts King. “I am more interested in raising up the next generation of leaders than I am being known.”

King’s track record more than speaks for itself, dating all the way back to his childhood days of growing up in a musical household. After learning the tools of the artistic trade from his musician father, King embarked upon studies at North Central University in Minneapolis and soon developed a pattern of playing saxophone for various bands, worship artists and churches in need. The school was also where he met his wife Beth, who began encouraging King upon graduation to invest much deeper into artists of faith than merely joining them for a one off performance.

“In the process of playing with so many artists, both in the Christian and mainstream scene, we saw a lot of things behind the scenes that didn’t seem all that different from one another,” he observes. “We noticed a massive, gaping hole and a need for young bands to have someone walk beside them to help with character development and accountability.”

By the turn of the millennium, those visions became a reality as King started Smallman Music, a management company that helped develop or crossed paths with a slew of familiar faces over the years (Mainstay, Undying Anthem, Hyland, Casting Pearls, BreatheDeep), but most importantly, put Jesus as the main priority. “I’ve always found no matter what you’re doing, whether managing or being part of a group, you need to have grounding in your local church,” he insists. “My goal has always been to support creative types within the local church and help them chase their dreams, but also help them be a part of a healthy church ministry that in turn invests in people to inspire and impact the world.”

Fast forward to 2009, and King’s behind the scenes encounters evolved towards fronting the worship group BreatheDeep (consisting of several talented players within his church at the time), who without any marketing team or any intentions of gaining recognition happened to get booked at several festivals and conferences based solely on word of mouth. Come May 9 of that year, their nationally released album Different hit stores, but no more than a week later (May 15 to be exact), a call came asking him to consider leading worship at Christ’s Place. While that type of staff commitment meant he couldn’t join BreatheDeep for more extensive touring, King once again made the decision to make sure Jesus remained the focal point and he prayerfully accepted that somewhat unexpected calling.

Nonetheless, his musical and mentoring gifts were put into instant action as Christ’s Place blossomed from 800 weekly attendees to around 2,200, while the worship department has grown to around 300 people in the same time frame. “The growth comes from the whole idea of pastoring creative types and having them take ownership of this ministry,” he suggests. “Even though it’s a large department, we’re raising up the next generation of leaders, and that’s something tangible we share when we work with other pastors and worship ministries.”

So what exactly does that look like when King shares with other churches and pastors? "We have found that the weekend experience at our church is pretty inspiring,” he continues. "We open up our Saturday afternoon production session and give visiting ministries access to our leaders and team members.  The level of buy in and ownership that our team exhibits is amazing.  From there, we take our guests to our full church volunteer meeting so they can really experience the culture of our teams.  After the service we host a Q & A session over dinner.  It's so inspiring seeing our volunteer team field questions and champion our culture.”

Besides all of the above, King’s current equation includes overseeing Christ’s Place Worship’s live recording (new project being planned for 2017), which seeks to provide an intimate snapshot into the church’s tight knit community. “It’s a reflection of the stories of life change that has taken place these past few years at Christ Place,” King previews. "This is a new chapter for us.  We have seen God do the miraculous in so many lives.  We are moving into a new building and opening new campuses.  We have so many stories to tell.  It is such an exciting time to be a part of the Church."

Add it all up and King merely considers himself a small component of the much grander worship experience, surrendering fully to the Lord that He guide each moment of praise, whether it be at Christ’s Place, personally with his solo work or mentoring his ministry network groups. “I believe that the church is the hope of the world.  I think there are two camps you can fall into when it comes to artistry: one who’s looking for notoriety or one who’s looking to leave a legacy. They both kind of feel a little bit similar, but it’s different with a legacy because you’re giving things away and not holding it all for yourself. I’d much rather be able to find someone with great passion and character, help build them up, and retire to find them still faithfully serving God than I would advancing my own agenda.”

Scott & Lydia Ingegeneri

Scott and Lydia Ingegneri serve as Senior Pastors of Grace North Church; a multi-site church in Phoenix, Arizona. Both Scott and Lydia were raised in ministry homes. A deep passion and response to a ministry call came at a young age for the both of them. The Ingegneri's met in 2001, married in 2003 and immediately began songwriting and leading worship together around the state of Arizona.  Within months of being married they joined the church plant team for Grace North Church. Scott served as Executive Pastor and Lydia served as Worship Pastor for 8 years before their installation as Senior Pastors in 2011.  Both Scott and Lydia are ordained ministers with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. They have been incredibly blessed with four amazing children and considering ministering as a family their greatest treasure in life! 

Scott is a graduate of LIFE Pacific College with ministry experience in a diversity of areas. He is passionate about Kingdom ministry, the Presence of God, worship, and discipleship. His dedication to the Word of God causes the preaching and teaching ministry to flourish under his leadership. He leads with a prophetic and catalytic edge. Scott is dedicated to releasing the healing power of the Holy Spirit and has experienced miracles and healing in his ministry.

Lydia is passionate about leading the people of God into the presence of the Lord through powerful, dynamic, and prophetic praise. Her heart is devoted to writing songs that will bless and edify the local church. She has led worship and preached at conferences and retreats both in the United States and abroad for 15 years.  With her passion for the Word of God coupled with a honest and humorous flare, Lydia ministers the Word with conviction.  Lydia is prophetic in nature, living and leading with a spiritual strategic mindset.

ALisa Turner

Through tragedy, through loss, through sickness and loosing it all, Alisa still sings. 

Alisa Turner has been writing and performing from the early age of 11. Though she admits at the time there wasn't much worth listening to, she did embrace those early years trying to conquer the basics of how to write a good song. Entertaining an audience is a must, photo shoots and sparkly dresses are quite the delight, but at the end of the day she wants to be known for and remembered as a respectable songstress. "When a song can be stripped down to its most basic and raw form and still be great, everything else is just a bonus" says Turner. 

She leaves it all on the stage. Vulnerability just scratches the surface of what you'll see when you witness her perform. She takes all that she has endured in this life and pours it into her eloquent piano ballad driven melodies with determination in connecting to each member of the audience. 

Its been an uphill battle since tragically loosing her father, being bedridden for 3yrs due to lyme disease, and giving birth to her son London who lived only 71 minutes in her arms. But instead of focusing on what has been taken away, she rejoices for all that she has been given. It hasn't been easy for Turner as she will truthfully tell you but, surrendering to it all isn't an option for this musical warrior. 

Alisa has worked with Producers Robbie Seay (of the Robbieseayband), Don Chaffer (of Waterdeep), and Songwriter Cary Barlowe (of Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood/Lady Antebellum). She has toured and or shared stages with Brandon Heath, Michael Gungor, Shane Alexander, Tenth Ave North, Shane & Shane just to name a few. Her music was used by Stacey Tookey on the TV Show, So You Think You Can Dance which allowed her to spend two weeks at the #1 spot on iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart. She was also featured on Toby Mac's Album, Portable Sounds. In her own words "It truly took blood, sweat, tears, and many nights sleeping in the car across this beautiful country to have such wonderful opportunities. The difficulties have made me appreciate even the smallest of successes like the first time I received an iTunes check, the first time I was paid for a show, and the first autograph I ever signed".

In person she comes off as a quiet and gentle spirit, but on stage she is set free. An pin dropping unforgettable strong soaring voice comes out of this girl full of passion and commitment to each note she plays and lyric she sings. She takes you on a journey all your own, capturing your attention and captivating the soul. Alisa Turner is using music to make intimate heart-to-heart connections where ever she goes. And its all as natural as breathing.