All About Worship Conference


It's true that us worship pastors are a unique bunch. We all have our different stories, backgrounds, musical styles and preferences, and traditional leanings, but a couple of things that real worship pastors always have in common are bloody knuckles and muddy boots. Our bloody knuckles come from fighting for the people God has given us to love and our muddy boots are from leading them on this amazing journey of redemption, grace, and ultimate victory.

So why an All About Worship Conference? Because this is time set aside for those bloody knuckles to heal a bit, a place for muddy boots to gather in unity before our King, and a time to open hearts to allow Him to reset our spiritual compass.

So here's your invitation to deeper places and a higher calling. We invite you into our community that moves forward like family and into a commissioning and empowerment that sets you up to run the race like never before.


This conference is unlike any other.

equip // encourage // inspire

Dustin Smith

"I am believing for this conference to be a defining moment in the lives of all who attend. This isn't just 3 days of being equipped, empowered and encouraged, but it is also a chance to connect and link shields with others that are fighting many of the same weekly battles as you.  Lets join together on this journey of making Jesus famous around the world!"


Krissy Nordhoff

"Michael Farren's passion for worship in the body of Christ is a bright light that is advancing the kingdom culture in amazing ways.  I am honored to be joining my brother at the AAW conference and helping to shepherd women, which is where my heart leans!  I believe that God has given women beautiful, unique roles to carry in worship, and I can't wait to share more.  Join Michael, me and all of the AAW family as we together are inspired, equipped and empowered to serve our God in our musical gifts and pursuits!”